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50129869 - Barnstead Smart2Pure 3

Barnstead Smart2Pure 3

Barnstead Smart2Pure 3 Laboratory Water Purification System - Provides Type I Ultrapure Water from tap water.

Systems come with the filters.

Replacement filters

This is the replacement for the popular EasyPure RO/DI systems.

Operating Manual

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Highest quality - instantly and fresh. Smart2Pure and Smart2Pure 12

This is the best choice for converting normal tap water to ultrapure water of ASTM Types I and II. All in one! TKA Smart2Pure is a compact complete system that produces 3 or 6 litres of ultrapure water per hour, Smart2Pure 12 produces 12 litres per hour. The built-in 6 litre tank of Smart2Pure for ultrapure water has a conical bottom for complete emptying. Smart2Pure 12 is delivered with an external tank of 30 or 60 litres, either with conical bottom.

All tanks are equipped with a sterile vent filter. The Smart2Pure system includes a pressure pump for supplying equipment connected downstream e.g. autoclaves analyzers . If required, a flexible dispenser with a sterile filter can be connected to the tank. The system has a small footprint, is very attractively designed and looks good in laboratory.

Smart2Pure and Smart2Pure12 operate with the same high-tech purification procedures as the well known Pacific and GenPure systems.

Two in one. ASTM Types I/II water.

ASTM Type I Ultrapure water. For example, for:

  • Molecular biology
  • microbiology
  • PCR
  • inorganic and organic trace analysis
  • HPLC
  • ICP
  • TOC-analysis

    Also provides ASTM Type II High purity water. For rinsing laboratory glassware preparing and diluting buffers, reagents, tissue culture media and dyes Sample preparation for analytical methods such as flame AAS
  • The Thermo Scientific Barnstead Smart2Pure water purification system converts tap water into both ASTM Type 1 and 2 water all in one compact, easy-to-use box.


    21.5" H x 12" W x 15.75" D
    48 lbs.

    Powerful performance
    • Based on your requirements, choose from capacities of 3, 6 or 12L/hr
  • Lasting economy
    • Water purification progresses through independent cartridges with Aquastop quick connects for fast replacement
    • Module 1 - Combination of pretreatment and the reverse osmosis membrane
    • Module 2 - Polishing cartridge contains high-quality ultrapure resin for consistent purity and long cartridge life




    • Dispensing is easy and features variable speed to control flow
    • The display can be tilted for optimal reading
    • Optional UV bulb and UF ultrafilter to customize ultrapure water
    Placement options


    • Position on laboratory bench
    • Mount it on the wall


    Smart integrated 6L reservoir for the Smart2Pure 3 and 6


    • Constructed with pigment-free materials
    • Conical bottom outlet allows for complete draining and efficient cleaning and disinfection


    Smart2Pure 12 offers reservoir options, either 30 or 60L


    • Large opening for easy and effective cleaning by hand.
    • Sterile venting filter/reservoir overflow protects against contamination by microorganisms
    • CO2 adsorber prevents TOC value increases from drawn-in CO2
    • Polyethylene reservoir is opaque to light
    • Recirculation pump protects the high purity water from bacterial growth during standstills and maintains the low conductivity value
    • Wall-mount optional for simple space-savings
    • Conical bottom outlet allows for complete draining and efficient cleaning and disinfection


    Optional Hand Dispenser


    • Gain increased flexibility by adding a hand dispenser with 3 meter cord part# 50138221
    50129869 Smart2Pure 3   Standard system
    50129870 Smart2Pure 3 UF Standard system + Ultrafiltration module
    50129872 Smart2Pure 3 UV Standard system + UV-Photo-oxidation
    50129688 Smart2Pure 3 UV/UF Standard system + UV-Photo-oxidation + Ultrafiltration module
    50129873 Smart2Pure 6   Standard system
    50129874 Smart2Pure 6 UF Standard system + Ultrafiltration module
    50129885 Smart2Pure 6 UV
    Standard system + UV-Photo-oxidation
    50129887 Smart2Pure 6 UV/UF Standard system + UV-Photo-oxidation + Ultrafiltration module

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