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Protector XStream Laboratory Hoods

Protector XStream Laboratory Hoods The Protector XStream Laboratory Hood takes containment safety and energy savings to the extreme. This general chemical high performance fume hood was independently tested and challenged well beyond the SEFA-1 standards. With a face velocity of 40 fpm and sash fully open the Protector XStream was subjected to 50 fpm cross drafts NIH protocol and tracer gas measurements in the chest of the mannequin. In all scenarios the Protector XStream allowed 0.00 ppm average level of tracer gas outside the fume hood. Although your safety officer will determine the actual face velocity setting for your laboratory the ability of this hood to contain under these adverse conditions sets a new standard of safety.

Safety is foremost but energy savings is equally impressive. Although face velocity is a factor itís the volumetric rate which are CFM, that determines the energy consumption. Operating a 6' Protector XStream at 60 fpm face velocity with the sash in its fully open position requires only 690 CFM. Regardless of your desired operating face velocity the Protector XStream yields the lowest required CFM of any hood.

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Protector XStream Laboratory Hoods

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